"I felt SAFE and secure."

As a very young child I was placed in several foster homes, adopted, returned back into the system, and adopted again by another family.

When I became a teenager, I rebelled against the strict fundamentalist rules of the household and church. So I left home. I became a couch surfer, living from friend to friend for short periods of time, floundering, not knowing just what to do with my life. I ended up in Corydon living at Harrison House. Because of the dangerous situations there, a friend invited me to stay with her. This arrangement soon became impossible and I was faced with homelessness again, A friend, Theresa Whitlow, recommended Macy House, so I applied and was accepted.

Macy House was a true blessing, I felt SAFE and secure. The folks at Macy House, especially Ms. Betty, were kind and literally gave me a hand up. I was able to save some money towards an apartment. I now have an apartment, a stable job that I love, and will be marrying my soulmate in a few weeks. God bless Macy House.

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The Macy House

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